This online self-assessment course " Are You Ready?" can identify the accomplishments and needs of intermediate English language learners as they look forward to pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees, hopefully at Catholic University, in English.

Program Composition

This online assessment is comprised of eight units. Each unit helps you to explore your needs concerning vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and academic writing. An instructor works with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses within each unit as you progress through the 15-week course. Your command of the English language should improve, especially as you convey your answers in written English.

Why Online? 

This course is designed to give you an idea of how well you are learning English and where you need to improve through study and practice, so that you can thrive in your academic studies in English, no matter what the subject may be.

Catholic University’s Intensive English Online Course operates on a Google platform that is easily accessible, no matter where you call home.

Program Access & Admittance 

After a simple application form is completed and payment is made online, you will be given access to the course.

Program Completion

Once completed, if you choose, you may schedule a 30-minute meeting online with your instructor to discuss the progress that you have made along the way. Certification of completion is issued after all 8 units are completed successfully.


Cost of the 8-unit course is $500.