The curriculum of the Intensive English Program covers all language skills, at various levels of proficiency, from an intermediate to an advanced level. After admission to the Program, students take a Placement Test, meant to measure their proficiency level in all skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


Classes at each level of proficiency cover all language skills, as well as American academic culture, American literature, intensive vocabulary development, listening to authentic language, public speaking, study skills, etc. In addition, our students take advantage of co-curricular workshops and tutorials, as well as extracurricular activities and other services, offered on the University campus.


Students who are highly motivated to succeed at our University have ample opportunities to make the necessary progress in their mastery of English as they are immersed in English in and out of the classroom: they spend up to 20 contact hours a week in the classroom, have access to the library and computer labs for doing their homework, and have extracurricular opportunities for practicing the language. There is a strict attendance policy. Student progress is closely monitored, with frequent one-on-one conferences with their instructors and the Program director.

The average class size is small-12 students-which allows for a lot of individual attention, frequent testing, and close monitoring of progress. Upon completion of the Program, an exit test measures the linguistic readiness of the students to function linguistically in a degree-granting program, or "major."

Under normal conditions of motivation and hard work, students who come to the program with a low-intermediate level of proficiency, do not spend more than two semesters and a summer session in the Program before they reach the requisite language level that allows them to transition to a degree-granting program.


Admission to IEP does not imply admission to any degree-granting program at our University. Students have to apply separately for the Program (or "major") in which they plan to study, either prior to attending IEP or upon successful completion of IEP.